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February 1997

Dear praying friends,

The miles add up as we continue our deputation ministry. This month, we have been to churches in Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. We have traveled about 6000 miles in our motor home since the first of the year. We are making plans to be in the Midwest and the Northeast during the spring and summer.

Four churches have taken us on for support this month. We now have almost 20% of our support coming in. The churches that we visit are giving us very positive response, so we are hopeful that they will consider us when they are able to expand their missions outreach.

Praise the Lord for His protection. We had camped for the night in a church parking lot and were preparing to leave. I started the engine to warm it up for a few minutes. Then I noticed a large puddle of gasoline on the ground under the engine. The fuel pump had gone bad and was spraying out a steady stream of gas. The parts store was not able to get a new pump until the next day, so we had to wait. Thank the Lord that:

- The gas did not ignite and burn us and/or our motor home.

- The problem was discovered before we were out on the road. We could have been stuck on a dark and dangerous highway, with no way of fixing it myself.

- The church people were so kind. They brought me to the parts store several times, and loaned me tools from their bus garage.

- I was able to use my mechanical skills to save some money and get us back on the road.

We are grateful for your prayers and support. We have seen several souls saved in our soulwinning this month. Itís exciting to see the Lord work, provide, and protect. Your prayers are vitally important as we continue our deputation.†

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde