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December 1997 - January 1998

In December, the ‘deputation trail’ took us to churches in Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia. In 1997, we traveled over 32,000 miles with no accidents, visiting 133 churches. At the end of the year, our support level was over 40%. In January, we worked our way across Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana on the way to Texas. The Lord is so good to us! He has given us safety, people saved in our soulwinning, and the liberty to preach and to be a blessing.

Out with the old year, In with the new

This was our first Christmas “on the road” away from family and friends. The Lord made it a very special holiday season. We were able to attend several Christmas programs, cantatas, and banquets at the churches we visited. Some of them were elaborately staged with costumes, choir, and lights - others were more simple and homey. At one church, our kids were able to participate, playing the part of shepherds and wise men.

On Christmas morning in Tennessee, we were at a church that had a nice ‘family room’ with a fireplace. We opened our gifts around the fire. Later in the day, we had dinner with a pastor and his dear family in their home. 

We spent New Year’s eve at a church in Georgia, enjoying lots of singing, preaching, food and fellowship until after midnight. I often tell people not to feel sorry for us on deputation. We are learning valuable lessons about how God can take good care of us even when we are far from home.

Airfare Fund

We have been advised that it’s time to start a fund for plane tickets. It will take approximately $5000.00 to fly our family of six to Russia. Any donations to this fund should be sent to BIMI and designated to Don Ossewaarde’s airfare. We are praying and hopeful that we can “leave the United States in 1998”

Continue to pray for Russia

Nothing much has changed in Russia. The law which passed last September to restrict missionary work is apparently still not being enforced. Pray that the door will stay open for the preaching of the Gospel. 

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde