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November/December 1998

Departure Date is Set!

At the end of December, our support level is nearly 70%. Praise the Lord!

So far, I have been reluctant to set a “target date” for going to the field. I am glad to exercise faith, but I didn’t want to be foolish, leaving with insufficient support. Now, however, I believe that God wants us to make travel plans. I have consulted with my pastor and with BIMI – they agree that I should plan to leave on July 29, 1999.

We have decided when to go, so we had to decide exactly where to go. The first phase of our field ministry must be language study. We have been advised that the best place for us to learn the Russian language is Kiev, Ukraine. There is a quality language school there, and there are at least three good missionary families there with which we can serve as we study. We plan to finish our language studies in Kiev before we start our ministry in Russia.

There is a tremendous bargain available on the airfare. Our family can fly on Swissair from Chicago to Kiev for only $618.80 per person. (total $3712.80) This fare requires that the tickets be reserved by mid-January. I have taken a step of faith and made the flight reservations. Now that we are committed to go, we have to pay for the tickets. We already have $1000.00 that has been donated to a special fund for airfare. I trust that God will prompt some of you to help. Any donations should go to BIMI, designated for “Don Ossewaarde – travel expenses”.

We had a great holiday season in North Carolina. The kids got everything they wanted for Christmas, and we even had a little bit of snow! We plan to spend most of January and February in Texas.

Prayer needs:

1. Additional support: We have visited many churches that do not support us yet. Pray that the Lord will prompt some to be our partners in ministry, according as He wills. I would be glad to hear from any churches that may consider supporting us this year. Drop me a note, or call or e-mail me. This information will help me know how to plan. I still have some dates open between now and July if you want us to visit.

2. Wisdom in preparation: I am going to Kiev for a few weeks in April to make plans for our family to move there. I will also be able to take part in some evangelistic meetings there.

3. Safety in travel, souls for Jesus, grace to be a blessing to churches

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde