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January - February 2009

The Group is Growing

Praise the Lord for our growing group of Russians! Ten of the people in this January 18 picture come to our services regularly, and one is a first time visitor.

We can see spiritual growth along with the growth in numbers. We recently finished a three month study of the book of Proverbs, and we are starting a series of Thursday night lessons on the nation of Israel in the Bible. It is exciting to see our people get excited about learning the Bible and using its truth in their everyday lives.

We have paid $36,250 for our church building, which is about 70% of the loan amount. You may want to help by sending a gift to: BIMI, P.O. Box 9215, Chattanooga, TN 37412. Designate it for “Ossewaarde - Project Russian Church Building”. 

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde