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March - April 2012

Sergei Trusts in Christ

Sergei has been coming to our services for a few months. After several long talks, he began to comprehend the plan of salvation, but he was reluctant to take that step of faith. One Wednesday night, I asked for prayer requests, and Sergei asked us to pray about a personal need in his life. Without being unkind or disrespectful, I told him, “Sergei, you are asking God to help you with an earthly need, but you have never asked Him to help you with your eternal need. If you would get saved, God could begin to work in your life and then you would find answers for these other problems.” I reviewed what we had studied together about the plan of Salvation. He did not want to settle the matter right there, but he promised to talk to God about it that night when he got home. The next Sunday, he told us, “I asked God to forgive my sins and to give me eternal Salvation.” Praise the Lord! I encouraged him to be baptized before I went to America on furlough, but Sergei does not make quick decisions, so we are looking forward to baptizing him later.

The wallpaper in our church foyer was damaged a bit when the roof leaked. I repaired the roof a while ago, and when we were sure that it would not leak anymore, I replaced the wallpaper and the ceiling tiles. Russian homes are not built with straight and even walls, so wallpapering is a difficult challenge. My experience in such work is limited, but with the Lord’s help, the result was very satisfactory.

During the month of April, we were very busy with preparations for our summer furlough. We had a pleasant trip from Moscow to Chicago on April 27, with a layover in Poland. We were met at the airport by our children. They surprised us by arriving in a limousine! Alan, our son, borrowed it from his employer. It was a wonderful family reunion.

We are now in the states on furlough until October 1. If you want us to visit your church this summer, please contact us. We would be happy to come and give a report. I have prepared a new 10½ minute video presentation, which I plan to mail to each of our supporting churches.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde