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September - October 2012

Baptized on his Birthday

We finished up our furlough in September by visiting churches in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Indiana, and Illinois. Our travels in 5 months added up to 23,000 miles. Praise the Lord for safety on the roads. We had only one small incident, when a semi truck swerved out of his lane, bumped into us, and caused minor damage to our car door.

The last few days of September were busy with packing and family time. We left the USA on October 1st, and flew back to Moscow by way of Stockholm, Sweden. The trip was pleasant and free of problems. All of our baggage arrived safely.

When Sergei trusted Christ earlier this year, I encouraged him to get baptized. I would have liked to baptize him before we left on furlough, but he wanted to wait. He asked if I would baptize him on his birthday, October 3rd. We were traveling on October 1st and 2nd, but we were glad to baptize him on our first day back in Russia after our furlough. He is happy to be saved, and his life has really changed since he trusted Christ.

While we were in America, a young lady named Ksenya started coming to our services again. She had studied with us for a few years, but she stopped coming about four years ago. Now she was ready to learn more. Our partner missionaries, the Travis Decker family, led Ksenya to Christ, and baptized her during the summer. We are so happy that we had a part in reaching her, and we are excited that she is growing in the Lord.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde