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November - December 2012

Thanksgiving - Christmas - a New Year

This picture was taken on the last Sunday of 2012. We praise the Lord for the opportunities we have had to touch the lives of these dear Russians. Most of them have been saved and baptized as a result of our ministry here. A few are still not saved, and we are witnessing and praying that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts. Thank you for making this ministry possible.

For Thanksgiving, we rented a small bus and traveled together 30 miles to the town of Mtsensk for a “Harvest Day” celebration with missionary Travis Decker and his church. Most of our people were able to come, and they really enjoyed it. We had games, food, preaching and testimonies.

Ruth baked a lot of yummy Christmas treats again this year. She loves to bring them to the neighbors in our apartment building, along with a Gospel tract and an invitation to visit our services. She also gave out a lot of tracts as she did her Christmas shopping.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde