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May - June 2013

Vladimir and Dennis

On Russian holidays, thousands of people go to the parks just to walk around and enjoy themselves. We like to go there and give them Gospel tracts. We recently took 1000 tracts to give away in the park on a holiday celebrating victory in World War 2. I met Vladimir in the park and gave him a tract. (He is in the center of the picture with the red shirt.) He came to our service the following Sunday, and brought his friend Dennis (on the right in a white shirt). They are both in their late 20s. They listened with great interest to the message. After the service, I talked with them for a long time about the plan of salvation. They have both been back for more services, but Dennis is coming more often than Vladimir. Dennis comes to 2 or 3 services every week, and he asks lots of questions. Pray that these young men will see their need of salvation.

Other random notes of interest: My passport was due to expire, so we went to Moscow to get a new one. I have applied for another 5 years of residency in Russia. The flowers are blooming in our church yard. Our cherry bushes are very full of cherries this year, and our apricot tree looks like it will have a lot of fruit. Sergei helped me to put a new roof on the garage at the church. Our clothes dryer died after 14 years of service, so we bought a new one. We had a church picnic together with our missionary friends in the nearby town of Mtsensk. The combined crowd was about 35 people.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde