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November - December 2013



The last two months of 2013 brought several different visitors to our services. The young couple in the front with the baby is Josh and Julie Bartels. They are Americans who plan to be missionaries in Russia. They are taking a survey trip of several months, visiting several missionaries to decide where they will serve. We were happy that they could spend a few days with us.

The lady in the front all the way to the right is Olga. She has been a Pentecostal, but she had some doubts about their doctrine and practice. I have been preaching through 1 Corinthians for quite a long time, and we were just starting chapter 13 on the first day she came. I did not know she was coming, but the Lord did. More than half of my sermon dealt with the false doctrine of speaking in tongues. She has been coming to our services ever since then. After a few weeks, she brought some friends with her. We have had 4 other ladies visit us from the Pentecostals, and some of them are becoming regulars as well.

Just behind Olga is “Doctor Sergei”. He is a pediatrician from Saint Petersburg who visits Oryol often. He has been a regular visitor to our services since we gave him a tract on the street. He found Christ a few years ago at another Baptist church in his home town. We are grateful for so many visitors during these winter months.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde