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March - April 2015


Dennis, a computer programmer, has been coming to our services for almost two years. On Easter Sunday in Russia, he asked me some questions about Judgment Day. I showed him that there are different judgments for saved and lost people. I asked him about salvation, as we have discussed many times before. He was obviously a bit frustrated, and said, "I keep trying to live right and keep the commandments, but you keep showing me Bible verses that say good works do not save me. I am confused. I want to come to Jesus, but I just don't seem to see the way." He was not having trouble understanding mentally; he was laboring in spiritual darkness, trying to find the light. For over an hour, I showed him more scriptures, used illustrations, and gave my testimony. Then Dennis said, "I am ready. I want to settle it." When we prayed together, he seemed to really understand, and we were both very happy.

Obviously, it was a great day for us, and I am glad that we have been able to stay in Russia long enough to see Dennis get saved. His friend Vladimir still needs to get saved, and a lady named Tatiana, who has been coming for several months, seems to be getting closer to salvation, too.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde