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July - August 2015

In the USA

With our three grandsons!

We arrived in the states on June 30 to begin a five month furlough. We spent the month of July in Connecticut with our son Alan and his family. I had to make a quick flight to Illinois to renew my driver’s license and to buy a car to use while we are here. It was great to spend time with our two little grandsons, Blake and Cole.

In the month of August, we moved to Illinois to be near the rest of our children, and our newest grandson, Judah. We were also able to visit with my father in Michigan and Ruth’s mother in Indiana.

We have visited several of our supporting churches, traveling to Illinois, Connecticut, Michigan, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We also made some new friends at churches in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. It is such a blessing that the price of gasoline is so much less than it was a few years ago.

With this letter, I am enclosing a copy of our furlough report DVD video presentation, and a few of our new prayer cards. If you would like to have more, I will be glad to send you as many as you need.

If you would like for us to visit your church and give a report while we are in the states, we would be happy to come. Email is probably the best way to contact us.

In the service of the King,
Don Ossewaarde