Biographical sketch - Ruth Ossewaarde 

I was born July 20th, 1959 in Hammond, Indiana. I grew up in a Christian home, and our family faithfully attended church. I first made a profession of faith when I was about 12. Later, I made sure of my salvation. I attended Hammond Baptist Junior High and High school, graduating in 1978. I attended Hyles - Anderson College, majoring in missions and elementary education. I graduated in 1982.

I was married in 1982 to Don Ossewaarde, a preacher. I taught 2nd grade at Hammond Baptist High School for 2 years. In 1985, we had a baby boy. I have been a full time homemaker ever since. We now have 4 children. I moved to Kankakee, Illinois in 1986, when my husband became an assistant pastor. In 1996, my husband surrendered to be a missionary. We sold our house, and I traveled with my family in a motor home making preparations to go to Russia as a missionary. In 1999 we went to the former Soviet Union where we are now serving as missionaries.