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Proverbs Lessons

When we decided to start a Thursday night English Bible study back in 2006, I taught a series of 50 chronological lessons. When they were finished, I started them over again from the beginning, because we had several new people who had missed most of the earlier lessons. After that, I decided to start a new series of lessons on the book of Proverbs. We had a great time studying Proverbs for 13 weeks.

I developed weekly worksheets just like the ones we used in the chronological lessons. Students follow along as I read the lesson and fill in the blanks. This gives them the chance to practice listening, reading, and writing in English as they learn God's wisdom from Solomon. We look up the scripture references and take turns reading the verses.

I am posting the 13 lessons here on my website for anyone to use as they wish. They would be appropriate for Sunday School or a series of Bible studies. Missionaries might want to use them, as I did, in a weekly class for those who study English. I tried to be careful not to use difficult vocabulary words. Some of the lessons may have Russian words in parentheses to clarify unfamiliar words. You may want to delete them if they are a distraction to you.

I want to acknowledge the study sources that I used to write these lessons. These are much more my own work than the chronological lessons were. I started with an outline from the Bible institute curriculum published by BAMA. Instead of covering the Proverbs from beginning to end, they divided the book into eleven major topics. I liked that approach, and developed the lessons starting with the references they gave for each topic. I looked up a lot of cross references, as well. I am also indebted to my former pastor, Jack Hyles, who taught a long Wednesday night series on Proverbs in the late 1970's, when I was a Bible college student. I also want to credit my pastor, Terry Anglea, who taught 100 lessons from Proverbs from 2005 to 2007, in a series he called, "Living Life Wisely". Many of these lessons are posted as audio files on the Faith Baptist Church website.

Here are all 13 lessons and worksheets in one zip file. They are Microsoft Word Documents. They are formatted for European size A4 paper, so they may not print exactly right on American 8.5 x 11 inch paper. It shouldn't be too hard to fix that. Your printer driver may have an option to "fit to paper size" that should work well enough.

13 Lessons in one zip file (281 KB)

I want to thank anyone who uses this work that I did for the Lord Jesus Christ. I expect to receive in Heaven a part of the reward that He will give to you. May God's people be wiser because we helped them to study His Proverbs.

If you want any individual lesson, here are all the files separately.

Proverbs Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 2 Companions
Lesson 2 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 3 Wisdom is Calling
Lesson 3 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 4 The Strange Woman
Lesson 4 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 5 A Good Name
Lesson 5 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 6 Money and Business
Lesson 6 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 7 Friendship
Lesson 7 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 8 Marriage
Lesson 8 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 9 Strong Drink
Lesson 9 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 10 Words and the Tongue
Lesson 10 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 11 Seven Things God Hates
Lesson 11 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 12 Proverbs of Agur
Lesson 12 worksheet
Proverbs Lesson 13 Benefits of Righteous Living
Lesson 13 worksheet