Dear Pastor and Friend,

People do not like long letters and usually do not take the time to read them, so I intend to make this as brief as possible in hopes that you will decide to read it thoroughly.

Simply put, a good, faithful, loyal, dedicated man in our church, Brother Don Ossewaarde, his wife Ruth, and their four children have surrendered to go to Russia as full-time missionary evangelists in that needy region. Brother Ossewaarde has been a model church member. In that respect you always hate to see men like him move away from your church. On the other hand, it thrills me and our church folks that God has honored us by calling Brother Ossewaarde out from us to take the Gospel to those who have not heard, or have not had as much opportunity to hear as we have.

Please consider him for your next missionary project. Brother Ossewaarde will be available for meetings, but he also could be taken on “sight unseen” by any pastor. He and his family would be a good investment for your missions dollars. Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please call me at 815-933-9400.

Kind regards,

Pastor Terry Anglea
Faith Baptist Church
1280 Armour Road
Bourbonnais, IL 60914