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October 14, 2006 - Building the Library

We ordered three sections of bookshelves to use for our new Christian library.

Box #2
The second bookshelf comes in from the delivery truck.

Third and final
Bookshelf section #3 goes into the house.

April's handiwork
Each of us built a bookshelf section. April worked in the kitchen.
April's work

Alan the builder
Alan puts his bookshelf together in the front room.
Alan's work

Don's part
Don puts the finishing touches on his bookshelf.
Don's part

Putting the pieces together
The three sections are all brought to the library room.
Putting the pieces together

Make it solid
The shelves need to be securely fastened to the wall.
fastened to the wall

Our new library
We have been collecting these books for years. We have a wide variety of good Christian books and other literature in Russian and English. Any one who comes to our services may borrow and read.