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November 2006 - Ping Pong Table

Every month we try to add something to improve our church building. With colder weather coming, we thought our young people would enjoy having a ping pong table in the house. Everybody really enjoys it!

Delivery truck
We bought the new ping pong table at a sporting goods store and had it delivered.

They deliver, but you have to unload it yourself...

Easy does it
Alan and I carry half the table through the gate.

Some assembly required
Alan puts the legs on the first half of the table.

Setting up the first half
Alan and Don put the assembled half table in position.

Step two
Preparing the second half for assembly
Step two

Team work
Now that we know what we are doing, this is going faster.

Two halves make a whole
We put the second half in place.
Two halves

Net Work
A properly adjusted and tensioned net is the key to success.
net work

First game
Taking the table for a test drive. We won't say who won...

Sibling rivalry
Alan and April battle it out as Mom watches.

International conflict
Our Russian friend Andrei wants to try his skill.

A game for all ages
We showed Andrei our new table that we got "for the young people". He said, "I'm young!"

Happy surprise
Vlad and Irina were very happy when they came Sunday and saw our new attraction.

A gentleman's contest
Alan and Vlad square off for some friendly competition.

Irina supports the Russian side of the table.

The tie comes off as the game becomes more difficult. Vlad is a very good player!