Ruth presents 2014 highlights from Oryol, Russia - Merry Christmas!

Ruth and Don Ossewaarde at church

Don preaching from God's word at church on Sunday morning

Sugnabe from Africa is giving a testimony on his birthday. He reads a favorite Psalm in his native French. Dennis reads the Psalm in Russian for our church.

The Travis Decker family joined our church group for a few months this fall.

Vladimir, Dennis, Sugnabe, and Don fellowship after church.

Julie and Alexei are dressed warm for winter's cold.

Irina and Sveta brought 6 year old Polina to church!

Nikolai and Don celebrate Don's birthday with peppermint cake and Dutch apple dessert.

Natasha played Pin the Tail on the Donkey to celebrate Don's 54th birthday.

Two of our most beautiful ladies, Lubov and Sveta, decorate our church with lovely flowers!

Natasha, Sveta, and Lena in the church kitchen

"Tea" is a delicious time after the church service.

Ruth listens to Bible memory verses and rewards for perfection with a Alyonka candy bar.

Valentina (seated) on her 78th birthday, with her visiting son on right, and daughter-in-law on left. Vladimir wanted to get in the picture, too.

From our library you can look out to the street. We use many items from Israel to decorate this room.

Tea after church brings us together in the library.

Ladies choose gift necklaces to celebrate International Women's Day.

View of the lovely back yard of our church property

Nikolai and Natasha with spring blossoms

Vincent and Karen from Maine visited with us while they were in Russia. Polina and Sveta are standing at left.

Picking cherries from our own trees brings delight!

Outdoor church service this past summer on one of our picnic days

We hosted a picnic in the church backyard.

Church picnic

Don and Sergei playing bocce ball

Don tore off a part of the wall to see if it was sturdy enough to hold up the new water heater. It wasn't, so he had to plaster it back over.

Professional technicians install our new water heater, which also heats the building.

Don assembles a new sink and 2 sets of drawers for our church kitchen.

Ruth gives presents with Gospel books and tracts to ladies who work in the shops around town.

Leaving church to go to a Christmas/New Year's lunch at Don and Ruth's apartment

Christmas party 2014

Irina and Irina standing near our Christmas tree!

Playing a game at the Christmas party

A game at the Christmas party - trying to say Bible names without smiling

Click on the picture to see singing at the Christmas party