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February - April 2003

"The Presentation"

I recently finished a project that I have thought about for a long time. Many years ago, an insurance salesman came to my home. He pulled a book from his briefcase that contained a presentation of his "sales pitch". It was a sort of laminated flip chart that used graphics to walk me through the main points. It was interesting, it held my attention, and it answered most of the questions that he anticipated I would ask.

I have often thought that I'd like to have a similar format for a soulwinning presentation. I was trained in a very quick Romans road presentation that works fine if you don't have much time, but I wanted something that would be more appropriate for a situation where you can sit down with someone at home and use a lot of different scriptures. I wanted graphics, too. Chick tracts have their faults, but they always get read. A picture often gets across an abstract concept better than a thousand words. I decided to develop a presentation like this, and for years I kept a file with ideas and rough sketches of my graphics.

A few weeks ago, a young couple came over for "tea". She had received one of our tracts and wrote me a letter saying that she was looking for truth and didn't know where to turn. She first came over by herself and stayed for about two hours. She knows she needs to be saved, but she is holding back. Then she called and asked if she could come over again and bring a friend. I would describe this friend as a young man with a good education, a skeptic, and a bit of a smart aleck. I wanted to be well prepared to witness to this couple, so I pulled the rough drafts of my Gospel presentation out of the files, and finished it up.

They stayed for five hours. He did the talking for them - she didn't say hardly a word. My presentation had a preplanned answer for every one of his questions. He was obviously not convinced, or under conviction, but I think she was. I think she might have brought him over to see if his education could shoot down my religion. I'm really glad I was ready with the presentation. It helped me hold my own with this guy in front of the girl who is trying to decide which way to go. I offered him all 16 pages of the presentation when he left. He didn't take it, but she did. I told them that I would be praying that the Lord would bother them until they got saved. Please pray for Irina and Dimitri to feel the Holy Sprit's conviction.

We have just posted our new web site! Please take a look at it if you have a chance, and tell us how it is working. We have pictures of the family, maps, and information about our missionary work here in Oryol, Russia. There are a few Russian Gospel tracts in our literature section, and my presentation is there in Russian and in English.


In addition to Irina and Dimitri, we have invited several other people over for dinner, and we have visited in the homes of many new Russian friends. Some of them are people from the Baptist church here, and others are not saved. We have had some wonderful fellowship and some good opportunities to witness. I believe that several of the unsaved folks are ready to come to services when we find a place to meet. Please pray with us about that.
We had a local printer make us a batch of 4000 Gospel tracts. We gave away most of them in a three-week period.

We have been back a few times to the invalids' home out in the village of Narishkino. We had singing and preaching and lots of questions and answers.

Cindy started taking guitar lessons in January, and she is making lots of progress. She is already playing with the family as we sing in church services and at the invalids' home.

In the service of the King,

Don Ossewaarde