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December 30, 2016 - Home for the holidays

On Tuesday, December 20th, I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that I had nothing urgent to do in Russia for a few weeks. I decided that it would be possible for me to go to America for Christmas and stay for a month. I made some quick travel plans, and Thursday night I arrived in Chicago. I found a good deal, and had a great flight on Swiss Air. It was wonderful to spend Christmas with the family.

I am not planning to report to churches on this visit. I just need some time with the family. After this break, I will feel able to return to Oryol and stay for a few more months to get our apartment sold, and to help with the transition to continue the ministry there. The Supreme Court is already scheduling new cases in February, so it might be springtime before we can get a decision. The appeal to the constitutional court will soon be filed as well.

Please pray that we will get quick and favorable decisions. This case will affect religious freedom in all of Russia for foreign missionaries and for Russian citizens. I am the first of these cases to reach the Supreme court. Here is a good article about the way the anti-missionary law has been applied since July.

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