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Revelation Lessons

On Wednesday nights, we study the Bible in Russian. We first went through a long series on the ABCs of Christian Growth. I really liked these lessons, because they came with worksheets, and they were already translated into Russian. Students followed along as I read the lesson and they filled in the blanks. This gave them the chance to practice listening, reading, and writing in English as they learn. We looked up the scripture references and took turns reading the verses. When the ABC lessons were finished, I developed a series of lessons on the book of Romans. I had some good lessons from ROGMA that were already translated into Russian, so I developed them into lesson worksheets. As we neared the end of the Romans lessons, I decided to develop a series of lessons on Revelation.

I expect this course will take several years to complete. I recently heard a respected older preacher say, "If you study the book of Revelation properly, you will study the entire Bible in the process." This is a verse by verse study. We took 18 lessons to cover the first chapter. I am posting the lessons here on my website for anyone to use as they wish. They would be appropriate for Sunday School, a series of Bible studies, or family altar. I am not using anybody else's lessons this time. I write them myself in English, and translate them myself into Russian. This has become the most difficult task of each week, but I enjoy the challenge, and it is stretching the limits of my Russian language skills.

I am using every reliable source of research that I have available to me. I am especially thankful to Evangelist Bryan Sharp for his series of lessons on the entire book of Revelation. I am also using the notes of my pastor, Terry Anglea, that he uses to teach his college class on Revelation.

Here are 32 English lessons in one zip file. I have not made worksheets for these lessons, because I am teaching the lessons on Russian. They are Microsoft Word Documents. They are formatted for European size A4 paper, so they may not print exactly right on American 8.5 x 11 inch paper. It shouldn't be too hard to fix that. Your printer driver may have an option to "fit to paper size" that should work well enough.

32 English lessons in one zip file (3 MB)

Here are 30 of the same lessons, with worksheets, translated into Russian. I hope these lessons are a blessing to you. Surely there are some mistakes in them that I have missed. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

30 Russian lessons and worksheets in one zip file (564 KB)